Kids Favorites 2022

Back in the children’s section of Island Books we’ve also had a great reading year, and I’ve highlighted many of the Young Adult standouts on our blog. But as anyone who browses our kid’s books knows, we keep a wide range of titles stocked for all ages, from award winners in each category to beautiful local illustrators and authors to the explosion of graphic novels coming out now. It’s refreshing to take a break and sit down with a picture book, spend time noticing all the small details of an illustration and absorb the way a story is conveyed in so few words.


Our Favorites from 2022

It’s hard to believe it’s time to look back and pick our favorite books from 2022! There’s been so many books to love this year, starting all the way back in January with Olga Dies Dreaming and The Violin Conspiracy, rolling through the spring and summer with Lessons in Chemistry (still on our bestseller shelf) and Fellowship Point, and recent reads like Our Missing Hearts and The Marriage Portrait. We’ve also read more on audio this year than we ever have before, thanks to, devouring titles from Thank You for Listening, to Shrines of Gaiety, to Signal Fires.



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