The Century's Reached Its Teens

Welcome to a new year and a new era. The 21st Century has reached its teeange years, and we hope that means 2013 will be characterized by personal growth and vivacity, not bad posture and social awkwardness. Either way, many months are about to unfurl from the new calendars on our walls, and the best way to fill them is with reading. Our local paper recently informed us that our community has one of the highest national percentages of readers who buy at least twelve books a year. Sounds like a minimum to us--we think a book a week sounds more reasonable. We're biased, of course. Whatever number you're shooting for, these titles are a good starting point.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

In the violent world of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series,  the phrase "winter is coming" is a dreaded warning. Here on Mercer Island, though, it's music to our ears. If the inhabitants of Westeros spent more time in their libraries instead of swinging swords around, they'd appreciate how pleasant the season can be. Books to give, books to receive, and most importantly, books to read!

We know you have a lot of holiday shopping to do, so we've front-loaded our events calendar this month. The first part of December is full of visiting authors and other personalities, but the rest of the month is wide open for drop-ins. And if you can't come in yourself, we're happy to have you shop with us virtually. By phone or on the web, we're always ready to take your order. Remember that we have ebooks and ereaders, too. Don't get left to the devices of others!

Over the River and Through the Woods

November already? Daylight Saving Time is at an end, so it must be. Time for warmer coats, heartier meals, and some great events that are worth braving the weather. We're hosting our usual book club meetings for the young and young at heart, and we have several authors stopping by to entertain and enlighten us. It's also the month when we give back to the community with your help. We're hosting a full slate of book fairs in support of our local schools--you shop and we share the proceeds, to the tune of tens of thousands. Last year we raised over $14,000 together. Let's see if we can beat that in 2012! Check our November schedule for all the dates and details.

You can reward yourself for your altruism with the best present of all, a good book.


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