The Greatest Gift Is A Passion For Reading

It's the season of glad tidings and warm hearts, but also of inclement skies and cold temperatures. The barometer and the thermometer may be falling, but our store is always warm and dry, and the activity level is rising. New books are arriving every day, along with a surprising variety of toys, games, housewares, and other items. Check out our gift page or better yet, drop in and see everything that's on the shelves.

In our ongoing attempt to recreate at least a bit of the real-world Island Books on our website, we're launching a new feature. Something we take a good deal of pride in is our ability to find the right book for the right person. Collectively we have over 100 years of bookselling experience (we suspect it may be more than 150 years, but saying that makes us feel old) that we can bring to bear when recommendations are needed, and we're giving you the opportunity to ask for our help online. Visit our Ask the Booksellers page, make a post on our Facebook wall, or just send us an email to ask us tough questions about books for tough customers.

Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Big doings this time of year--it's book fair season! Each year we help raise funds for schools across the island and beyond, pre-K to high school and everything in between. Over the years we've given back almost $300,000 to the community, and we couldn't do it without your help, so check the schedule and drop in to do some shopping (and enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres, perhaps) when the time is right. It's a great opportunity to take care of holiday necessities and luxuries.

Speaking of holidays, we've got your culinary interests covered, too. Check out some seasonal cookbook highlights and don't forget there are hundreds more to choose from on our shelves, virtual and otherwise.


The Frost is on the Pumpkin

All manner of events are cropping up on the calendar in October, including our Reading Group Book Night on October 18th. $10 paperbacks that evening only! We've also got Sharon and Julie Kramis on tap with their latest Cast Iron Skillet cookbook, and Kim Allison is in town with her new memoir.

We'd also like to remind you to sign up for our new eNewsletter, which is debuting this month. We respect your email privacy and hope to keep you updated on book news, store happenings, and our quirky tastes.

In even more high-tech news, we're now offering eBooks on our site. This is a very exciting development that lets you read anywhere you go on almost any platform, whether it's a desktop, smart phone, or dedicated reading device. You'll be surprised how easy they are to use, and how inexpensive they are. Find out more here


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