Our Favorite Nonfiction of 2023

As so we come, last but not least, to our favorites from the nonfiction releases of 2023. I will admit that this is a category that I personally don't read widely in, so I am very grateful to my co-workers who do and have lots of great recommendations to share. From big name celebrity memoirs that deserve all the buzz they are getting, to fascinating histories and Caitlin's favorite poetry collections, we have great titles to peruse. I'll put my own personal plug in for the one I did read (and love) this year, Once Upon a Tome, by Oliver Darkshire. If you ever wanted to know what it was like working in a rare bookshop in London, this will give you all the quirky details, and a great insight into the retail side of the book world. Get yourself a mug of tea and a cozy blanket and settle in to be entertained.

Check out the full list of titles below!

-- Lori


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