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August 2019 eNewsletter


"Of course anyone who truly loves books buys more of them than he or she can hope to read in one fleeting lifetime. A good book, resting unopened in its slot on a shelf, full of majestic potentiality, is the most comforting sort of intellectual wallpaper."

-- David Quammen

Before we all rush towards school shopping, sweaters, and the go-go-go of the school year, we have one month left of summer. We are taking August easy for the most part but have the Local Author Festival on August 25 and an event with Kevin O'Brien towards the end of the month. He will be visiting us to talk about his latest book The Betrayed Wife while in conversation with Garth Stein. The two of them separate are entertaining, so you want to make sure you mark your calendar for August 28 to see them together (more details are below).

We had such fun with Garth a couple weeks ago and even get the opportunity to sell books at his Seattle premiere for The Art of Racing in the Rain. We love good stories, and it was clear you did too with the turnout for this event.

Lori Robinson's blog from last month reminded us all to read what we love, which made me smile because that has always been my strategy. Reading is important to me, and always has been, as an escape and adventure into someone else's life in some other place. A journey from your couch! I'm always the beach read gal on our staff -- a good cover paired with a fantastic story gets me every time.

I love a good story so much that when I planned to meet up with a friend this weekend, we decided to read together in her backyard. We were both at the best part of our books, so we poured a glass of wine and read on her deck. It was wonderful and reminded me of all the evenings I sit on my deck at home and do the same, but with a friend it was ever better. The joy of the experience made me reflect on my passion for books, for reading, and for the community of readers at Island Books.

I could not be more thankful to myself for telling Roger on that cold December morning in 2014, "If you're tired, let me know..." As a way to spread the joy, my staff pick shelf will be 20% off on August 29, my 54th birthday. I know I said it last month, but thank you for your support these last four years and for walking into the door to share your love of books, your stories, and your hugs with me. Know I always share your passion.

Happy reading!
Laurie Raisys


Featured Event

Our featured event this month is with author Kevin O'Brien of the Seattle7.He is joining us Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30pm in celebration of his newest release, The Betrayed Wife. Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain, will join him as a moderator to discuss writing bestselling crime thrillers. There will refreshments, snacks, and a signing.

In The Betrayed Wife, the perfect family can become a perfect nightmare. Sheila O’Rourke has always known her husband isn’t perfect. Who is? But things have been better since they moved to Seattle to make a fresh start. So much so that when sixteen-year-old Eden turns up, claiming to be Dylan’s child by another woman, Sheila tries to be welcoming. But no one can hurt you more easily than the ones closest to you . . . the ones you keep believing until it’s too late . . . Read More

Counter Intelligence: Caitlin's Pick

This month, Caitlin recommends The Wind that Lays Waste by Selva Almada, translated by Chris Andrews.

Caitlin says: "August is Women in Translation Month, a movement started several years ago by Meytal Radzinski, a biophysichem PhD student, to bring awareness to reading books by women in translation. If you stop by Island Books this month, you will notice my shelf is crowded with several of my recent favorites. If anyone would like recommendations to celebrate this holiday, I'd be happy to share a few more.

One title that I'd like to highlight in particular is The Wind that Lays Waste by Selva Almada, translated by Chris Andrews. Reverend Pearson is traveling the countryside of Argentina, spreading his gospel and accompanied by his teenage daughter Leni. His car fortuitously breaks down near the shop of mechanic Gringo Brauer and Tapioca, a young boy who lives with Gringo. The four meet, share pieces of themselves, and the poetic language comes to a crescendo. Join the Daytime Book Club on October 21 at 10:30am to discuss this gorgeous book."

See More Staff Picks

Back to School Picks

School is just weeks away; make sure your child is ready with this great selection of books about the classroom, friendship, and preparing for the new year.


Open Mic Night

Are you a writer? Are you interested in sharing your work? Would a glass of wine help get you there?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions and are over the age of 21, we would like to invite you to our Open Mic Night at Barrels Wine Bar on August 27 at 5:00pm. All unpublished poets and writers are welcome. If you would like to participate, please email us at with the subject line "Open Mic Night." We have a limited amount of time, so we ask you to RSVP and keep your material to about 5-8 minutes.

Reading-Related Rambles

In July, Lori reflected on reading what you like and Kelleen put together a resource on books about disability and tried doing nothing.

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Upcoming Events

Wed, August 14, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Mon, August 19, 10:30am:
Daytime Open Book Club: The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe

Wed, August 21, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Sun, August 25, 2:00pm
Summer Local Author Fest

Tues, August 27, 5:00pm
Poetry +Wine: Open Mic Night

Wed, August 28, 6:30pm:
Kevin O'Brien, Author of The Betrayed Wife

Wed, August 28, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Thurs, August 29, 7:00pm:
Open Book Club:Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

Open Book Club

In August, our Open Book Club will read and discuss Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata.

Convenience Store Woman is the surprising story of thirty-six-year-old Tokyo resident Keiko Furukura. Keiko has never fit in, but when at the age of eighteen she begins working at the "Smile Mart," she finds  purpose in her life. Keiko is happy, but the people close to her pressure her to find a husband and to start a proper career, prompting her to take desperate action...

Don't forget if you purchase your book here in the store you'll always get a 10% discount.




Daytime Open Book Club

On August 19th, 10:30am, we will be meeting to read The Best of Everythingby Rona Jaffe.

When Rona Jaffe’s superb page-turner was first published in 1958, it changed contemporary fiction forever. Some readers were shocked, but millions more were electrified when they saw themselves reflected in its story of five young employees of a New York publishing company. Almost sixty years later, The Best of Everythingremains touchingly—and sometimes hilariously—true to the personal and professional struggles women face in the city.

Don't forget if you purchase your book in store you'll always get a 10% discount.


20% Off Indie Bestsellers

We always offer a 20% discount on the top ten bestsellers in non-fiction and fiction for the week, as reported by independent booksellers across the country.