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The Best Gifts are Closer than You Think

Image of gifts such as the book Wonderland by Annie Liebowitz, a red hat with a sasquatch patch,  Fingears toy, book The Matzah BallMargaret Renkl noted in the New York Times this week "If you’re hoping to find something unexpected and delightful, you’ll need to go to the little local shops that have survived in the age of online shopping by being quirky and brave, and by knowing their customers well enough to say, “I think you would love this.”  She goes on to laud her local bookstore in particular, and independent bookstores in general. We not only know what books to recommend when you say "My dad loved The Splendid and the Vile" but we also have picked out the most fun and delightful gifts that we happily give to our own families and friends. Despite supply chain woes, we just want remind you that Island Books is full of fantastic books and calendars and toys and journals and mugs and bags and hats and scarves, and, and, and ...  Everything has been hand-picked with our customers in mind. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, just ask - we are happy to offer suggestions, opinions and advice. Let yourself be delighted and surprised!