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Blank Journal Sale

All Blank Journals 20% Off Through Valentine's Day 2012 
If you've been reading this month's eNewsletter and following its links, you've already noticed that we at Island Books are in the throes of an addiction. Fortunately, it's a healthy one. We're captivated by the idea of personal storytelling, and we don't just mean the high-stakes drama penned by adventurer travelers or catastrophe junkies. Roger provides a perfect example of the pleasures of reading about a simple life simply told:
"A few years ago we were given my grandmother's diary of her teenage years. She was orphaned suddenly when she was thirteen. The diary begins the next day and contains the rather undramatic chronicle of her life, short simple entries about the weather, a ride on a horse, a visit from a cousin. But you can tell how much it meant to her to have a place to put it all down. You can hear Joan Didion's phrase 'we tell ourselves stories in order to live' in the lonely pages. Keeping a diary is little like losing ten pounds. It's a resolution I make at least once a year (and am occasionally successful at) and then something breaks the spell. But when I have done it--on trips, during life transitions--I am always grateful for the opportunity to record and reflect. I keep a little shelf of these half-finished journals in hopes that if nothing else they will provide entertainment for me or someone else in the years to come."
In an effort to encourage our customers to provide themselves and their progeny a record of their rich everyday lives, we're discounting all blank journals by 20% through Valentine's Day 2012. We have pocket models for those critical notes you make on the fly and struggle to decipher later, mid-size volumes for budding diarists, and even oversized tomes for creating heirloom albums or guest books.
As part of our month-long celebration of journals, we're also hosting a fantastic event on February 5th. The bookmakers at Watermark Bindery will be visiting our store for some hands-on instruction in the art of fine bookmaking. See our events calendar for all the details.