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50 Years of Island Books: Erica Bauermeister

Erica Bauermeister lives in Port Townsend, Washington, with her husband and 238 wild deer. She's the New York Times bestselling author of many books, including The Scent KeeperThe School of Essential Ingredients, House Lessons: Renovating a LifeLet’s Hear It for the Girls, and her latest, No Two Persons. We've taken great pleasure in watching our community gather to celebrate her books. Lori Robinson welcomed Erica to the blog last May to launch No Two Persons, and today I'm bringing her back to contribute to our walk down Island Books memory lane.

Miriam: It's so nice to have you back here, Erica. Tell me, what are you thinking about when you walk into a bookstore?

Erica: I read once that almost 2,000 new books are published each Tuesday.  It boggles the mind, and it is what I think of each time I walk in a bookstore. I look at the selection of the books, especially the Staff Recommendations.  Are the books just the ones that everybody is talking about? Or can I sense an insightful reader’s mind behind the choices? When I encounter the latter, I know that I will also find the gems, the books I will open and realize that I need in my life, when a minute before I hadn’t even known they existed.

Quick Takes: Recent Romance Reads

It's that time of year again! The 5th annual Bookstore Romance Day is almost upon us. Saturday, August 19th will be full of great romances and equally great giveaways and deals, both from us and from our audiobook partners at You can sign up for free virtual panels featuring a variety of topics and amazing romance authors, or stop by the store for fun displays of romances of all sorts. In case you want to get a head start on some great recommendations, a few of our staff have highlighted favorite recent romance reads below!

50 Years of Island Books: Cindy Corujo

Cindy Corujo has been a bookseller for 36 years and has the longest tenure of any Island Books employee. Nothing before that matters or counts. She must have started young because she looks no older than 40. June 2023 marks her 30th year at Island Books. While Cindy likes to say that her plans for the future are so up in the air she calls them her future planes, she really only hopes to be gift-wrapping kids' books for birthday parties while Nancy Stewart sings Sticky Sticky Bubblegum every Saturday for the next 30-50 years.

Miriam: Let's start at the beginning, Cindy. How did you come to work at Island Books?


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