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Book Notes: Funny Story

A new book from Emily Henry is the perfect way to finish up the month of April, and this is definitely one of those times when the bookseller perk of getting to read Funny Story early was a wonderful treat!

Daphne Vincent thought all the pieces of her life were falling into place. She’s engaged to a wonderful man, moved to his hometown of Waning Bay, Michigan, and landed her dream job as a children’s librarian. The wedding is only months away and Daphne is settling into her future when Peter comes home after his bachelor party and tells Daphne he’s leaving her. For his childhood best friend, Petra. Suddenly Daphne has a week to move out of the house that she thought she’d grow old in, but only has his name on the papers. And she’s trapped in Waning Bay until the end of the summer because of the Library Read-a-Thon, a fundraiser she’s been planning since she started her job. After that she can leave and never look back. Her ex’s new girlfriend not only participated in breaking up Daphne’s engagement, but she’s left her own boyfriend, Miles, behind to be with Peter. Daphne needs somewhere to stay, and Miles needs someone to cover the rent Petra is no longer paying. They say misery loves company and who better to be miserable with than the person in the same position you are?

Sarah: A New Bookseller Appears!!

I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I have wonderful memories of visiting the old downtown Bellevue Library on Main Street, signing up for the annual summer reading program at the Eastgate KCLS branch, and running my fingers along the spines of books at the University Bookstore whenever my family ate out at the nearby Azteca restaurant. My mom almost always bought me the latest Baby Sitter’s Club or Sweet Valley Twins book. I was such a devoted reader that I used to force my friends to lounge under our family’s ping-pong table and listen to me read aloud some of my favorite novels, including Fantastic Mr. Fox, James and the Giant Peach, and Wendy and the Bullies. It was a surprise to no one when I became a 6th grade reading teacher and then an elementary librarian!

Independent Bookstore Day 2024!

As we welcome April, we know all you Indie Bookstore aficionados are getting ready for your (and our) favorite day of the year: Independent Bookstore Day! Celebrated across the country, here in the Puget Sound area we have so many fantastic Independent Bookstores to visit, it really is an embarrassment of riches for book lovers. Whether this is your first—or tenth—Independent Bookstore Day, we hope you stop by to see us at Island Books and enjoy a day of discovering new bookstores or revisiting old favorites.

At Island Books we’ll have lots of treats and snacks throughout the day. We’ll have some of the famous Island Books typewriters set up for visitors to try. Plus a $100 gift card to Island Books will be hidden in our children's section! Our staff rec shelves will be stocked and you can check out all our seasonal tables and browse our various sections, including our new romance section, to find that perfect serendipitous read!


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