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Book Notes: Funny Story

A new book from Emily Henry is the perfect way to finish up the month of April, and this is definitely one of those times when the bookseller perk of getting to read Funny Story early was a wonderful treat!

Daphne Vincent thought all the pieces of her life were falling into place. She’s engaged to a wonderful man, moved to his hometown of Waning Bay, Michigan, and landed her dream job as a children’s librarian. The wedding is only months away and Daphne is settling into her future when Peter comes home after his bachelor party and tells Daphne he’s leaving her. For his childhood best friend, Petra. Suddenly Daphne has a week to move out of the house that she thought she’d grow old in, but only has his name on the papers. And she’s trapped in Waning Bay until the end of the summer because of the Library Read-a-Thon, a fundraiser she’s been planning since she started her job. After that she can leave and never look back. Her ex’s new girlfriend not only participated in breaking up Daphne’s engagement, but she’s left her own boyfriend, Miles, behind to be with Peter. Daphne needs somewhere to stay, and Miles needs someone to cover the rent Petra is no longer paying. They say misery loves company and who better to be miserable with than the person in the same position you are?

Yet it takes being blindsided by invitations to Peter and Petra’s upcoming wedding to push Miles and Daphne into a building a tentative friendship. He's chaotic, she's buttoned up, but a drunken night out, two RSVP’s to the wedding neither of them want to believe is happening, and a teeny tiny little lie (they’re dating each other, they don’t need plus ones for the wedding) puts these roommates on the same team. Emily Henry excels at creating characters with good hearts trying to do their best in relationships while also working through the baggage of their past. In spite of his chaos, Miles is an absolute delight. When he finds out that Daphne is planning on leaving Waning Bay as soon as the summer is over, he takes it upon himself to share with her all the things he loves so much. His pleasure in life, even with his recent heartbreak, spills over into Daphne. As she makes friends of her own and finds her footing in Waning Bay, she starts to reconsider what might come next. I loved these characters and I loved their story and the audiobook is read by my favorite, Julia Whelan. What more could a romance-lover ask for?

To celebrate the release of Funny Story, Island Books also has some fun related merchandise for sale from Out of Print. T-shirts, tote bags and zip pouches, all in pops of color and just right to show off your Emily Henry love! I’ve snagged a T-shirt for myself, and am definitely eyeing a tote bag to pack up with spring and summer reading. Stop by Island Books and preorder your copy of Funny Story, out Tuesday, April 23rd. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

— Lori