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Bookselling in the Time of COVID-19

The Love in the Time of Cholera puns have become cliché, but it’s the most succinct way to conjure the way we are in a state, a historical time where things are different because of this external force. We are in the time of corona. We can’t escape it. There’s no denying it. Here we are.

The past five weeks have been a whirl-wind of intense emotions. The line running through all of them has been a deep sense of loss felt. Every person I have interacted with (virtually, over the phone, and in person) has mentioned one way or another that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. I am not talking about anger, frustration, or paranoia (or lack thereof) around the virus, but the reflection on what we have lost when we remove ourselves from each other. Whether it is a job, friendships, family, a trip, a celebration, or even a test, we are all collectively grieving the loss of the everyday lives we took for granted, as well as any loss we may have experienced at an individual level... continued.