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We are proud to support the local writing community and do so through our consignment program for self-published local authors. We do our best to provide space on our shelves but must also keep in mind the inventory in our store and the interests of our customers.

If you’d like us to consider your book for placement in our store, here are some general rules: 

  • Only books with a printed and bound spine and displaying an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will be considered. The only exception might be certain poetry chapbooks.
  • We are reluctant to stock a book that has been published with the assistance of CreateSpace or any other Amazon affiliate or program. Exceptions are rare but occasionally made for customers of our store or a book we feel fits the reading interests of our community.
  • All consignment requests should be made in writing and accompanied by the book, any promotional materials or publicity plans, the retail price, your contact information and a self-addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope if you want the book back. If we decide to consign your book we will contact you. You are also welcome to present your book to us in person at the store but be advised that we will not necessarily be able to give your book our immediate consideration.
  • If we accept a title for our shelves, we hope the author will promote this fact on their website.
  • Our terms of consignment are the traditional bookseller discount of 40%. We will pay the author 60% of the retail price for each book sold.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to check on sales and stock. Initially we agree to keep the books for 6 months. After the consignment period has ended, it is the author’s responsibility to contact us for payment of books sold and discuss re-consigning the book or returning unsold copies to the author.
  • If the books are being returned to the author, we will hold them for 30 days for pick-up, after which we will donate them to an appropriate local charitable organization.

Send review copy and request to:   Island Books/Consignment?

                                                               3014 78th Ave SE

                                                               Mercer Island, WA  98040


We look forward to reviewing your work, thank you for contacting us.

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