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A Conversation with the Candidate: Lisa Anderl

During the month of October, we are hosting meet and greets with candidates for the Mercer Island City Council. This Sunday we welcome Lisa Anderl to meet her consituents.

About Lisa:

Lisa was appointed to City Council in December 2018. Since then she has worked diligently in the interests of the citizens of Mercer Island. Lisa prioritizes fiscal sustainability, and is working on the priorities of balancing the budget, preserving public safety through strong law enforcement, and overseeing the transition to light rail. Lisa voted to withhold the city's ARCH contribution pending further investigations into fraud and abuses within the agency.

I rely on facts and data in making decisions. I'm open to changing my mind if the information presented suggests a different outcome or approach. I like to talk to people and understand not only what they think and what they want, but why.

Here are some of the important issues facing Mercer Island and where I stand:

  1. Public safety. I support a strong police and fire department to enhance Public Safety, allow quick emergency responses, and preserve the character out of our neighborhoods against those who do not value them. I am against contracting out our services. I support continued city contributions to funding school counselors. I support a strong enforcement of our laws and protection of our clean and accessible parks and open spaces.

  2. The bus intercept. The currently proposed "optimal solution" for the bus intercept/turnaround design is a loss for Islanders. The city is studying its options, but at this point I favor the limited configuration which brings the least amount of traffic to Mercer Island and minimizes the impact of being a bus turnaround.

  3. Balanced budget.  As a member of the Citizen Advisory Group's Minority Opinion and MI for Sustainable Spending I will continue to cooperate with the City Staff in finding efficiencies in the way the city is run. Since Prop 1 was defeated, the City has identified significant savings, and had a surplus of $1.2 million as of the 1Q2019 budget update. I believe there are more savings to be had. This includes a careful look at large expenditures such as consultants to ensure that we only use them when they are absolutely necessary, we get good value, and don't spend more than necessary.

Event date: 
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 3:45pm to 4:45pm
Event address: 
3014 78th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040