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Robert Rosell, author of Virtually Yours, Jonathan Newman

Meet Robert Rosell, author of Virtually Yours, Jonathan Newman. Island Books is the first place you'll be able to get your hands on this brand-new novel.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 12:00pm
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3014 78th Ave SE
98040 Mercer Island
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ISBN: 9781461157458
Published: Createspace - July 21st, 2011

The government is weak, the powerful are playing dirty, and life is no tea party.

been nineteen years since the Freedom First Party swept Democrats and
Republicans from power in an American election that shocked the world.
Corporate libertarianism has dramatically transformed every facet of
American life: government departments, regulations, and programs are
gone--free markets rule.

With medical care now beyond the reach
of all but a fortunate few, musician Jonathan Newman must find a way to
pay his gravely ill son's hospital bills. In desperation he takes a
sales job with QualLab, a global laboratory supply company that offers a
generous compensation package. Once there, a web of wires, tubes, and
sensors connect him to a table in a secluded cell where he works selling
bio-laboratory tests made from human materials--his.

Jonathan turns out to be both a star salesman and an ideal
bio-supplier, leading QualLab to begin a campaign to extend his
contract.  Locked in his tiny chamber, Jonathan is immersed in a
thrilling virtual world, part of a clandestine effort to transfer his
loyalty from family to Company.

Virtually Yours, Jonathan Newman
chronicles a tug-of-war between competing values. Across America,
Freedom First has placed corporate power and radical individualism above
the shared needs of the broader community, while isolated on his table,
Jonathan is lured from all he has held dear and into the seductive
self-centeredness and instant gratification of virtual life.  It's
family and community against technology and greed, and the outcome is
anything but certain.

The novel explores the tension between the
work we do and our other life priorities, forecasts what a
lesser-government America might look like, and considers how the
technologies infiltrating every aspect of our lives impact who we are.