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February 2013 eNewsletter

"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking." —Jerry Seinfeld

Island Books

Island Books

Longtime customers of the bookstore often admire and comment on my coconut. To be clear, I am not referring to my notably smooth pate, but to the other old brown coconut that sits in the travel section on a high shelf. It was sent to me by my bride-to-be as a valentine and serves as a reminder of our love and the need to fuss over this most important of holidays.

The story goes like this: long ago, when I was less mature, I knew Nancy was the girl for me, but I couldn’t manage to tell her that and commit to that big project of marriage. She got tired of waiting and left to work in Hawaii. I remained at the bookstore, wondering and, perhaps, wandering. Then one February day a coconut arrived in the bookstore mail bearing a heart inscribed with a lover’s pair of initials. The thought of a swaying palm skirt combined with Nancy’s wit and warmth overwhelmed me and I was soon on a plane to grab the girl and marry her. I am very lucky that I did and that Valentine's Day comes around each year to remind me of what we share.

So I commend all my friends and customers to not treat this holiday as a mere “greeting card” occasion. This is A Big Deal Holiday. Buy two boxes of Fran's chocolates, a little necklace...go overboard...pour it on! And of course, buy a whole stack of reading. There's no more personal expression of affection than a particular, carefully chosen book.

Love can close any distance. Love makes all things possible.

Roger Page
Owner and Bookseller



If You Liked...

We love it when customers stop by the store to ask us what to read next. Here's a snippet of what we've been suggesting to readers who enjoyed the bestsellers below.

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Big Books for Little Ones

Here are some of the new titles you'll find decorating our beloved children's section this month (but you only get to enjoy the playhouse if you come in to visit in person).



It's a Destination Like No Other

February is that time of year when we get desperate for sun. It's the perfect month to plan a trip to Hawaii, or at least read about sunny beaches, sparkling water, and the smell of sunscreen.




Reading-Related Rambles

A new year means new awards, new releases, and new blog posts. Check out our recap of the PNBA Award winners for 2013, our own humble entry for the Island Books short story contest, and suggestions for your January reading list

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Garry's February Pick: Why Does the World Exist?

We read a lot, and despite ourselves, we're guilty of playing favorites.

For example, this month Garry's excited about Why Does the World Exist? by Jim Holt. It's an engrossing narrative that traces our latest efforts to grasp the origins of the universe, a brilliant synthesis of cosmology, mathematics, and physics.

Here, our booksellers share their other February recommendations.

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The Short Version

The Short Version

Enter our short story contest! The details: There are prizes! The deadline is March 17, 2013. Stories should be 1000 words or fewer. That’s basically it. Drop them off in person at Island Books, or email them to us with the subject line THE SHORT VERSION.


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