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How to Pick a Book for Book Club

Although I don’t want to rush through these last weeks of summer, I know that September is around the corner. And even though everything is different right now because of the pandemic, we’re starting to pick up some of our regular rhythms again, like making plans for book clubs. The other day I inputted one of the first new lists in months from one of the many established Mercer Island books clubs, and it felt really good to do something I haven’t done since COVID started.

I personally lead the Island Books Knitting Book Club, one of the open book clubs that Island Books hosts. When everything was shutting down I had to decide whether we would try to make the book club work on Zoom or just take a break until we were able to meet again in person. I hesitated to do it online, because I didn’t have any experience at that point with Zoom. I’m not tech averse, per se, but I do need to push myself to do new things, and it’s often easier to stay with what I know. Laurie encouraged me to try, and I’m so glad she did. While the group is certainly smaller than when we were meeting in the store, I’ve loved being able to see people, without masks, hear about the projects they are working on, and talk about the book we’ve read for the month. It’s also allowed people for whom driving to Mercer Island for an afternoon book club is a hardship to join us (I’m looking at you Elise Hooper!).