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Island Books Best of 2021: Fiction

Cindy, our beloved and most venerable bookseller, leads off our Best of 2021 with this to say:

“There is much to love about being a bookseller. Where else can you get an employee discount on an entire mega-verse, centuries in the making and ever evolving??? 

Where else can your boss ask you what you’re doing and you can say “I’m looking for Cloud Cuckoo Land” and still get to keep your job???

The rewards are infinite and satisfying except for one thing: 

At the end of every year amid the proliferation of lists of the best books of the year I am asked to contribute my thoughts on choosing “The Best Books of the Year”. 

It’s hard.  

And I don’t like doing it.   

But after 27 years in bookselling I have finally figured out how to answer the inevitable question of my favorite books of the year: 

My favorite book is the one I’m currently reading and my second favorite is the one I’ll be reading next.