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January 2012 eNewsletter

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." —Joan Didion

Island Books

Island Books

I have a daughter who is a senior in high school. This fall I got to watch her participate in the rite of passage called "the College Essay." This is the amusing little task where you get to sum up your life in three paragraphs. I thought of her quite a bit this winter when I encountered the annual holiday "What happened this past year?" recap questions from distant friends and relatives and the "How is the bookstore doing?" over-the-counter question. Well, the truthful and boring answer is that everyone is fine--healthy and reasonably happy--and the bookstore forges on quite well despite the headwinds but that's not the answer I give. I usually tell a story. A story about listening to the Grateful Dead with the kids on a late night drive on our California roadtrip. A story of hiking alone for sixty miles through a burnt out moonscape in the Okanagan. A story about the fun and friction of working with one's patient and understanding spouse during the loony holiday season. I love stories, telling them, listening to them, reading them. It is what I hope for when I get up in the morning and why I work in a bookstore. I truly believe, quoting Joan Didion, that "we tell ourselves stories in order to live." Stories are the best packages, the greatest gifts, the sweetest memory, and our deepest understandings. This New Year I resolve to write some more of these stories down. Just for myself, just in a journal, just to live.

Roger Page
Owner and Bookseller


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