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The Joys of Rereading

It’s that time of year at Island Books when all our customers are looking for the perfect book to give to friends and family. When all of us behind the counter are focused on finding the best of what we’ve read this year to fit the eclectic interests of your nearest and dearest. We love to send you on your way with a bag full of brightly wrapped packages, carefully and thoughtfully chosen. It’s challenging and invigorating and incredibly satisfying to come up with that one special volume. December at Island Books demands that I search my memory of books read to come up with something to meet the unique requirements of each recipient. I am myself reduced to seeking out the vague clues from my memory, recollections of the the cover or a fragment of the title.

And every December I find myself looking to my personal shelf of unread books with lackluster interest. During my break time, or at the end of the work day, I instead want to reach for something familiar and comfortable, revisiting old friends and familiar faces in the pages of books read and reread.  It is a relief to sit down with words I’ve read before, characters I know, and a story where the ending is not in question.