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Judy Blume Assured Us We Were Normal

Much of the discussion around Judy Blume books has to do with her controversial topics. Her frank discussion of sex in Forever…, masturbation in Deenie, and menstruation in Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret (to name a few) put many of her books on the banned lists. In another writer’s hands, these subjects could be crude and offensive, but it’s Blume’s purpose in using them that justifies her boldness. She just wanted kids to know these things were normal and okay. And thank goodness she saw the need for there to be books where sex doesn’t lead to teen pregnancy or an STD, masturbation doesn’t lead to blindness or depravity, and menstruation isn’t as scary as it sounds. How many of us let out a huge sigh of relief when we read her books?

Something great is happening in June for Blume fans: the first movie adaptation of one of her books will be hitting screens in select cities and on video on demand. How is it possible that it’s taken so long? Apparently Blume and Hollywood didn’t see eye-to-eye on how her books should be translated to film, and so it makes sense that her own son Lawrence ended up directing Tiger Eyes, the story of 16-year-old Davie Wexler who is trying to come to terms with her father’s murder. (Here’s a clip of Chelsea Clinton interviewing Blume, and watch the Tiger Eyes trailer here.)....Read More