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June 2014 eNewsletter

                                                          "Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"
                                                                             —Henry Ward Beecher

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Nancy mentioned last month that our second and last child, Lewis, is graduating from high school in June. June is also the month we celebrate Father’s Day. The combination of these two events makes me think that I really need to step up and deliver some serious parting wisdom for the departing lad in the coming weeks. It's not like I don’t offer him little gems almost everyday. Nancy, of course, does the heavy lifting in our household but I like to see myself as a compass...a guiding star…the deep well of enlightenment for our little tribe.


I often find breakfast to be the best time to share my view of the world (it gets everyone off on the right foot) and I can tell it's working by the way they routinely smile and say, “Yes, father,” and “Sure, you bet, Dad,” in response. It gives a dad real confidence.


That said, with this watershed moment approaching I have been perusing the graduation gift literature just to be sure that I have the gravitas at my disposal to match the occasion. Scanning the shelf, Dr. Seuss immediately pops out (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!) but Lewis may be a bit jaded for the lyrical Doctor. His tastes run more toward the metaphysical and darkly comic, so I grabbed and plumed Kurt Vonnegut’s collection of graduation speeches and David Foster Wallace’s brilliant This is Water.


Honestly, reading these made me reevaluate my life, so I had to read on with Bill Gates Sr. (Showing Up for Life), Anna Quindlen (Being Perfect), Neil Gaiman (Make Good Art) and David McCullough Jr. (You Are Not Special) for their different inspiring and therapeutic effects.


Two books of quotes seemed especially helpful: Sunbeams: A Book of Quotations from the fascinating Sun Magazine, and Breathing on Your Own by Richard Kehl.


Then there was the funny stuff, such as 10 1/2 Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said by Charles Wheelan or How to Sharpen Pencils by David Rees. It is really unbelievable how much wisdom the authors can pack into these little books. I guarantee if you spend an afternoon reading them you will lose 10 pounds and be more optimistic and less materialistic in the days ahead.


Just to be safe I am going to give the boy a stack o’ books for graduation and a maybe card with some favorite borrowed parting wisdom:


no luggage

no map

no guru

no apologies

Catherine Alice


That’s just the way I’m going to roll this Father’s Day.


Roger Page

Owner and Bookseller




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