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June 2017 eNewsletter

"One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by."

—Jeannette Walls

As I write this I'm filled with emotion ... in the coming week my second child will graduate from high school, leaving us with only two in the nest for now. Many of you know that I can be quite caustic (hopefully in a funny way) when I talk about my kids. But obviously I love them and the family my husband and I have built together over the last 20 years. The staff has grown quite familiar with each of the kids wandering in to say hello, help with some project or chore, and, almost always, ask for money or food. My son, the graduating senior, has stopped by almost every day over the course of the last semester. As I look ahead to August when he heads off to school, the caustic part of me that only half looks at him when he walks into Island Books will be sad that he's no longer a daily visitor. I think of all the books on the graduation table (Go Forth, How to Raise an Adult, etc.) and I get it, it's his time to move on to the next chapter of his life, but my heart wants the little boy who never wanted me to leave him at preschool to stay. It's a good thing you're reading this online instead of on paper, otherwise the tear stains would make the words all blurry.
Back to business: in addition to all the upcoming events you see on the right side of this page, we'll be scheduling many more this summer, involving movies, games, music, and more. Watch our Facebook page and web calendar for details.

The Mercer Island Farmers Market is in full swing, and we're proud to be a major sponsor of this awesome community program. We're open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., so please stop by to show off your produce purchases. Our cooking section offers great advice on making those into delicious meals.

Stay tuned as the month turns over, too. July 1stmarks two years for me as the owner  of Island Books, and we'll be celebrating the anniversary with all of you. Oh, and there's so much going on I almost forgot--on June 3rd, our sweet Miriam was blessed with a baby girl, Meredith Ann Landis. We are all thrilled for her and the addition to her beautiful family.

See you soon,

Books for Dads

Nothing wrong with a spanking-new necktie as a Father's Day gift--well, nothing except that no one wants to wear a tie any more, especially not in summer. So what to get Dad this year? Books, of course! We can't remember a year with more great choices for fathers, grands, and greats. Fiction, sports, history, politics, science, and more. And the great thing about dads is that they don't mind loaning from their libraries. We all win!


Books for Grads

Change is exciting, but it's also difficult, and sometimes you need a guide. Send your graduates down the road the right way with a book that commemorates and coaches at the same time. They'll thank you for your good advice. Eventually.


Destination of the Month: Cuba

You may want to act quickly if you're going to visit our current Destination of the Month. After decades of being cut off from US travelers, the door to Cuba has lately opened a crack, affording a glimpse of a distinctive culture that features some of the best food, music, sport, and literature to be found anywhere. But governments are fickle things and the political winds swirl erratically, so from moment to moment we don't know if that door will swing open wider or slam shut. Seize the day and set your sights on Havana soon!

To browse previous destinations of the month, go here.


Counter Intelligence:
Laurie's June Pick

Laurie's book of choice for June is the perfect summer read, an unforgettable and sweeping novel about one classic film actress's relentless rise to the top--the risks she took, the loves she lost, and the long-held secrets the public could never imagine. In The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,  journalist Monique listens as actress-of-a-certain-age Evelyn unfurls her story: from making her way to Los Angeles in the 1950s to her decision to leave show business in the late 80s, and, of course, the seven husbands along the way. As her life unfolds--revealing a ruthless ambition, an unexpected friendship, and a great forbidden love--Monique begins to feel a very a real connection to the actress. But as Evelyn's story catches up with the present, it becomes clear that her life intersects with Monique's own in tragic and irreversible ways. 

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Reading-Related Rambles

In May, James paid tribute to one the greatest authors in the English language on her Janecentennial; one of our customers recounted his nautical and terrestrial adventures on Independent Bookstore Day; we featured an exclusive essay by guest author Laurie Frankel; and we (with your help) paired favorite travel destinations with favorite books.

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Upcoming Events

Sat, June 3, 6:00pm:
PJ Story Time with Margaret Read MacDonald & Nancy Stewart

Wed, June 7, 10:30am: 
Storybook Corner

Tue, June 13, 6:30pm:
Brian Doyle Memorial Celebration

Wed, June 14, 10:30am: 
Storybook Corner

Wed, June 21, 10:30am: 
Storybook Corner

Sun, June 25, 2:00pm: 
Local Author Festival 

Wed, June 28, 10:30am: 
Storybook Corner

Thurs, June 29, 7:30pm:
Open Book Club: The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith

Tue, July 4, all day:

Wed, July 5, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Read the World This Summer!

Hey, kids and teens! What are you doing this summer? Keeping your reading eye sharp and roaming the globe, we hope. We're helping make that happen with our Read the World Summer Program. It's simple enough: come into Island Books throughout the summer to buy books and we'll reward you with a free bonus book in the fall.

The full details are on our website, so click through to see them and stop by soon to get started!


Open Book Club

For our June Open Book Club, we'll be reading The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith. This bestselling novel tells multiple intertwining stories set in 1631 Amsterdam, 1957 New York, and 2000 Sydney.

Don't forget if you purchase your book here in the store you'll always get a 10% discount.


20% Off Indie Bestsellers

We always offer a 20% discount on the top ten bestsellers in non-fiction and fiction for the week, as reported by independent booksellers across the country.