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Looking Back: Top Bestsellers of 2023

Hello everyone! It's that time of year again. We've compiled our lists, we've gone over them with highlighters, and now we present to you: Our Top 20 Bestsellers of 2023! This list is a reflection of the people who frequent our charming store. It shows us what was purchased again and again. It’s full of books that we couldn’t stop recommending, as well as books that were popular across the country due to celebrity book clubs, word of mouth, or social media (see Honorary #21 at the bottom of this post for an example). Either way, it’s a list of books you (and we) loved reading.

At the top of the list for its second year is Lessons in Chemistry, which continues to be the bestseller by a long shot. Others on the list include The Thursday Murder Club (loved by the entire staff and which you can read about here), No Two Persons (a Lori favorite that she wrote about here), The Wager (our current go-to non-fiction recommendation) and Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography (a title that was fun to see in the top 20). Also, a big shoutout to Honorary #21 on our list, The Fourth Wing! A breakout hit with two different editions published in 2023, it sold over 100 copies when you combine the sales for each edition.

If you need something to help jumpstart your reading for the year, you can’t go wrong with these titles. Besides, we might as well get a head start on influencing the Top 20 list for next year!