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Lori Robinson Recommends…

Many of you have already grown to love the “other Laurie” –also affectionately known as “LRob”–in the 3+ years she’s been a bookseller at Island Books. She’s blogged for us before to discuss one of her favorite reads, Amy Snow by Tracy Rees, which went on to become one of our bestselling titles of 2017. If you bought a copy of Amy Snow from Island Books, chances are it was because of Lori’s passionate hand selling. 

Some of Lori’s favorite books include The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunned, Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher, Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos, and pretty much anything by Elizabeth Goudge. You can browse more of her recommendations here.

We’re excited that Lori will become a monthly voice on the blog, and I’m sure you’ll grow to love hearing her written words here just as much as you enjoy talking books with her in the store.

Now, without further ado ... continued