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May 2015 eNewsletter

 "Most of us don't realize it, but we are failing our kids as reading role models. Moms and dads, it's important that your kids see you reading."
James Patterson

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Shopkeepers and florists are sometimes accused of making up "holidays" to move stock during the slow seasons. Occasions like “Independent Bookstore Day” or “Roger’s Birthday." There are even cynics who grumble that Mother’s Day is a “greeting card” holiday. But recent events in our kitchen have reminded us that most every mom deserves a special day in their honor. Some deserve a medal.


Last week with spring finally here and flowers in bloom, Roger and I were thrilled to open our sunny old house and garden in Ballard to our much loved employee, Miriam, and her family. To those of you who are followers of the Island Books Store Journal, you will recognize her as the writer of weekly missives on books we love to read and the mother of our bookstore twins, two-and-a-half-year-old Stephen and Lynne. Miriam likes to stay busy so besides the husband and twins, two dogs, a bookstore job, and teaching ballet, she is nine months pregnant. We never see her sweat.


Cheerfully arriving after a crosstown rush hour drive she handed off her potty chair and two toddlers, plopped herself down in a kitchen chair and politely nodded and listened to our ramblings about our newly-seeded lawn.


As we passed the cheese plate Miriam's eye twitched and she made a little face. "Something wrong with the brie?" we asked. "Oh no," she said. "It's just that my contractions are coming about seven minutes apart now." We took her cue to remain nonchalant, but I did pour her husband a big glass of wine and Nancy discreetly boiled some water and looked for clean dishtowels. Eyes watering, Miriam soldiered on and what was truly a delightful evening for the Pages fortunately ended without the birth of number three. And at this writing, no sign yet, but with the twins potty-trained and charmingly articulate, she seems more than ready to do it again. If this isn’t a Mother’s Day story, we don’t know what is.


Now we don’t sell medals at Island Books, but we do have shiny earrings, delicious local chocolates, and of course books for every mother, young and old. Nancy is personally hoping for a copy of Kate Atkinson’s latest, A God in Ruins. We've got plenty of options and those greeting cards too. Come visit the store and we’ll help you find a way to say thank you to your warrior mother.

Happy Mother's Day,

The Pages

Owners and Booksellers


What a Party It Was

The first-ever Independent Bookstore Day has come and gone, and all we can say is "whew." What a whirlwind. The prize-filled festivities included dozens of spins of the big wheel and the opportunity to beat the boss at his own gift-wrapping contest.

Follow the link for more pictures and video (you can see even more on Twitter), and thanks to everyone who made the day so memorable! 



Marilyn's May Pick

Marilyn was particularly captivated this month by bestselling author Jodi Picoult's latest, Leaving Time. A page-turning mystery that combines an in-depth look at elephant behavior along with a girl's search for her missing mother, the shocking twist at the end is only part of what makes Picoult's emotional story a compelling read. 

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Reading-Related Rambles

 In April, Miriam presented a history ofcommercial fishing vessels of the Pacific Northwest by a local author, Jamesrevealed the  2015 longlist for the Best Translated Book Award, and both discussed the bestseller H is for Hawk. We hope you'll read and participate inPart I and Part II of the conversation!

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Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!




Mother's Day is the time each year we think about Mom and wonder, what would she really enjoy?


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Get Out In the Garden




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Open Book Club

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