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November 2019 eNewsletter

"November is usually such a disagreeable if the year had suddenly found out that she was growing old and could do nothing but weep and fret over it. This year is growing old gracefully...just like a stately old lady who knows she can be charming even with gray hair and wrinkles. We've had lovely days and delicious twilights."
— L. M. Montgomery

Hooray for fall! November is my favorite month; we focus on gratefulness, thankfulness, and the way the leaves turn beautiful colors. This year, as always, I am thankful for my staff and bookstore community. Throughout the month I send out bards to friends and customers with a note of thanks for their continued support of the store. It's fun for me to do because I absolutely love cards!!

In addition to Thanksgiving, November is also our birthday month! On November 2nd, we will be celebrating our 46th birthday with cookies and champagne. Please stop by to say hello and grab a cookie. Each staff member has chosen a book to be part of our birthday sale. Come by to see their picks!

Other events happening this month are the Cookbook Book Club, a signing with Susanna Ryan of Seattle Walk Report, a conversation with Kim Brown Seely, who wrote Uncharted, and our seasonal Local Author Festival. We are especially excited for the Cookbook Book Club this month! We are cooking from Cannelle et Vanille and welcoming the author Aran Goyoaga to our potluck feast.

Our evening with Kim Brown Seely is another event I am personally invested in. As my third child is off to college next year, I am getting to that empty nest stage where Victor and I have to think about what our future looks like. What are we going to do with the rest of our time? Uncharted offers unique answers to this question and probes at who parents are without their children.

This month also is the beginning of book fair season. And how special is it that we get to kick it off with Judy Witmer who helped us start our first book fair all those years ago! There are tons of book fairs over the next two months, so make sure to look at our calendar to see when your school is scheduled.

Be on the look out for the Book Fairy. She will be running around to all of the Little Free Libraries on the island.

Also look for us at the Harvest Market on November 24. We will be there giving away ARCs and sponsoring one of our favorite events of the whole year.

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I know that November is also the time for holiday cards. All of our festive cards will be out November 1st.

With thanks,
Laurie Raisys


Our Cookbook Book Club is meeting once again on November 10 at 5pm. We will be cooking from Aran Goyoaga's new cookbook Cannelle et Vanille and having the author herself join us to talk about the process of writing the cookbook, her food blog, and any other questions you might have. Join us for this potluck style celebration. If you buy the book at the store, make sure to mention you will be attending the book club for a discount!
Counter Intelligence: Lori's Pick

This month, Lori recommends The Dutch House by Ann Patchett.

Lori says: "Ann Patchett's newest novel gives us two separate portraits: one of a family and one of a house. Danny, the son of a self-made man, and presumptive heir to both his business and the luxurious Dutch House, narrates this story. I found I could never predict where the story was going to go. As soon as I thought I knew what would happen next, it would take a turn to an entirely different direction. I loved Patchett's meditation on how the present informs the past, that the way things turn out ends up only being the way things turn out for now. I listened to this on audio with Tom Hanks narrating, which I would highly recommend!"

See More Staff Picks
Thanksgiving Stories

Take a look at some of these stories about gratefulness, history, and family. One of our favorites is Apple Cake by Dawn Casey, which a simple rhyming book that features a little girl thanking nature for all the gifts it provides.

Another of our favorites is Encounter by Brittany Luby. It imagines the moment when Native Americans first met a very different people based on the journal kept by Jacques Cartier. The book explores how distinct cultures were able to find similarities through the wise words from the animals around them.
In November, our Daytime Open Book Club will read and discuss History. A Mess. by Sigrun Palsdottir, translated by Lytton Smith.

While studying a seventeenth-century diary, the protagonist of History. A Mess. uncovers information about the first documented professional female artist. The discovery promises to change her academic career, and life in general... until she realizes that her "discovery" was nothing more than two pages stuck together. She goes to great lengths to hide her mistake, undermining her sanity in the process.

Don't forget if you purchase your book in store you'll always get a 10% discount.

Reading-Related Rambles
This past October, Kelleen wrote a how-to guide on using our website, Lori recommended new historical fiction novels, and Kelleen dove into the world of Halloween thrillers.

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Upcoming Events

Fri, Nov 1, 9:00am:
Learning Lab Book Fair
Sat, Nov 2, 9:00am:
Island Books Birthday Party

Sat, Nov 2, 6:00pm:
PJ Story Time with Terina Beckwith Black

Sun, Nov 3, 3:00pm:
Susanna Ryan, Author of Seattle Walk Report

Wed, Nov 6, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Wed, Nov 6, 6:30pm:
Kim Brown Seely, Author of Uncharted

Thurs, Nov 7, 4:00pm:
Knitting Book Club: Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson

Sun, Nov 10, 2:00pm:
Local Author Festival

Mon, Nov 11, 5:00pm:
Cookbook Book Club: Cannelle et Vannille by Aran Goyoaga

Tues, Nov 12, 9:00am:
St. Monica Catholic School Book Fair

Wed, Nov 13, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Wed, Nov 13, 9:00am:
St. Thomas In-Store Book Fair

Thurs, Nov 14, 9:00am:
Lakeridge Elementary Book Fair

Fri, Nov 15, 9:00am
Pixie Hill Preschool Book Fair

Mon, Nov 18, 10:30am:
Daytime Open Book Club: History. A Mess. by Sigrun Palsdottir

Tues, Nov 19, 9:00am:
Patti's Play Center Book Fair

Tues, Nov 19, 7:00pm:
Silent Book Club

Wed, Nov 20, 10:30am:
Storybook Corner

Thurs, Nov 21, 9:00am:
West Mercer Elementary Book Fair

Thurs, Nov 21, 7:00pm:
Open Book Club: The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

Fri, Nov 22, 9:00am:
Early Childhood School at SJCC Book Fair

Thurs, Nov 28:
CLOSED for Thanksgiving

In November, our Open Book Club will read and discuss The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware.

On a day that begins like any other, Hal receives a mysterious letter bequeathing her a substantial inheritance. She realizes quickly that the letter was sent to the wrong person, but also that the cold-reading skills she's honed as a tarot card reader might help her claim the money. Full of spellbind menace and told in Ruth Ware's signature suspenseful style, this is an fantastic thriller.

Don't forget if you purchase your book here in the store you'll always get a 10% discount.

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