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An Ode to the Paper Planner

Autumn has officially begun, September is on the wane, and the last of the college kids are trickling back to school. What better time to start, or start again, getting organized? Though technology claims most aspects of keeping our lives on track, there are still those of us, myself included, who prefer their schedules to be on paper, in pen and ink. 

Every year Island Books orders a variety of planners and calendars. I love unpacking the boxes as each new style of planners arrive, leafing through the pages to see how this company or that lays out their weekly spread. I check out what extras are included like stickers or humorous sayings or motivational lists. Will this planner work better, or be more fun, in keeping me organized than another? When I finally land on that year’s winner, I plunk down my money and start filling in the pages.