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One Passage That Will Make You Love Reading

This week the New York Times ran an article by the Times classical music editor Zachary Woolfe called 5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Classical Music. He poses a simple question: “What are the five minutes or so—longer than a moment, shorter than a symphony—that you’d play for a friend to convince them to fall in love with classical music?” 

It’s worth your time to listen to what many big names in music recommend in response (I particularly love Zachary Woolfe’s personal pick, Lou Harrison’s Suite for Violin and American Gamelan: Chaconne, which Woolfe describes as “… an expansive yet deeply intimate meeting of cultural traditions that I find more moving by the day.”). All the musical excerpts are in the article, or the Times provides a briefer overview in a list on Spotify. It’ll slow down the world—and you—much the way reading can. 

The reader comments are just as compelling as the article and excerpts. Browse through and see that people from all over the world shared the piece of music they want to listen to as they die, debated the merits of the recommendations, and told intimate stories of how a particular piece of music changed their lives.

Well, you know where I’m going with this long-winded intro. Fellow book lovers, what are the book passages that you’d read to a friend to convince them to fall in love with reading? ... continued