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Island Books Typewriter Fixation Wall Calendar 2024

SKU: x45678

Celebrate Island Books 50th birthday into 2024 with a one of a kind calendar! 

Our long-time bookseller and typewriter curator Cindy, along with her year-long mentee Anna, have created The One and Only Island Books Golden Jubilee Commemorative Calendar.  Enjoy 14 months of sexy typewriters from the Island Books collection, with highlights like the Erika M Model built in Dresden in 1936, the oldest typewriter in the store, a 1904 Remington Standard, and a 1952 Royal portable decorated with happy face stickers from the 70s.

And of course, peppered throughout are bits of wit and wisdom from the inimitable mind of Cindy. Each calendar is signed and numbered by the authors. 

Take home a piece of Island Book's history and let us guide you through 2024!

Price: $24.99