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Short Take: Bloomsbury Girls

We all have those story elements that inevitably lure us into picking up a book. Maybe it’s mountain climbing thrillers or anything with “Paris” in the title. Two things that guarantee I will at least read the flap copy are bookstores and London. Bookstores in London? At pretty much any time period? Yes. Natalie Jenner’s new release, Bloomsbury Girls, is set in a venerable London bookstore in 1950 and I immediately sank into the rhythms of the inner workings of a bookstore with a sense of wry recognition. Following up her bestseller, The Jane Austen Society, Jenner brings Evie Stone to the forefront after her labors to catalog the vast library at Chawton Great House. It’s post-war Britain, Evie has finished at Cambridge and finds herself in need of a job. Using her connections after an academic disappointment, she secures a job at Bloomsbury Books in the heart of London.