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Short Takes: The Electric Kingdom

For those of you who came into Island Books in January asking for post apocalyptic novels, I’ve likely written this title down on the back of a bookmark, and told you to look for it in early February. The Electric Kingdom came out this Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited to recommend it! This YA stand alone post apocalyptic story is impeccably crafted to make you immediately start all over again once you’ve reached the mind-blowing finale. The world as we know it has been devastated by a “fly flu” and only remote pockets of human existence survive in tiny found family communities. With one of the main narrators, Nico, we journey through a treacherous landscape of rural New England, on a search for a portal to another time. While the narration is filled with enough action and uncertainly to keep the pages turning quickly, there are also lovely musings on art and story and love that made me pause to read them again. Not to mention a hilarious interchange about Harry Potter amid the shelves of a deserted book store. The Electric Kingdom is deservedly being compared to Emily St John Mandel’s Station Eleven, and anyone who loved that should certainly pick this up. Or get them both for a fantastic book pairing. We currently have signed copies of The Electric Kingdom in the store, and make sure to check out the front of the book for a tantalizing artistic teaser!