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Spring at Island Books

It's gone again as we put this page together, but at least we know spring exists. We saw it in all its glory last week. Fingers crossed that it comes back soon.

Whatever the weather, there's a lot of new growth. Our new neighbors have finally opened their doors officially. Drop in for a meal or a cup of coffee when you pay us a visit, and vice versa.

Our PJ Story Time continues even though the school year is coming to an end. Check out the Story Time link under our Children's tab and our Events calendar over on the right side for all the details.

And of course, the crop of new books is always in season. See you soon!

Doc Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781400068043
Published: Random House - May 3rd, 2011

Mary Doria Russell is a perennially favorite author around here, so many of you will be glad to hear she has a new novel on the shelves. Her subject this time is the famed Dodge City character Doc Holliday, gentleman, lover, friend and killer. Many have tried to tell his story before now, but no one yet has so thoroughly debunked the false romance of the old west and presented him as the real human being he undoubtedly was.