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Spring at Island Books

It's gone again as we put this page together, but at least we know spring exists. We saw it in all its glory last week. Fingers crossed that it comes back soon.

Whatever the weather, there's a lot of new growth. Our new neighbors have finally opened their doors officially. Drop in for a meal or a cup of coffee when you pay us a visit, and vice versa.

Our PJ Story Time continues even though the school year is coming to an end. Check out the Story Time link under our Children's tab and our Events calendar over on the right side for all the details.

And of course, the crop of new books is always in season. See you soon!

Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781416552734
Published: Scribner - May 3rd, 2011

One of the most innovative thinkers of our time, Bill James, has turned his attention to the shadowy side of life in his latest book, examining the continuing attraction we all feel toward terrible tales. He surveys the history of violent crime, but also discusses how crime affects and is affected by the changing media and moral environment in America. The legal and penal systems also fall under the lens of his microscope, and every page contains either a fascinating historical tidbit or a provocative suggestion for reform, if not both. Compulsively readable.

Doc Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781400068043
Published: Random House - May 3rd, 2011

Mary Doria Russell is a perennially favorite author around here, so many of you will be glad to hear she has a new novel on the shelves. Her subject this time is the famed Dodge City character Doc Holliday, gentleman, lover, friend and killer. Many have tried to tell his story before now, but no one yet has so thoroughly debunked the false romance of the old west and presented him as the real human being he undoubtedly was.

The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72 Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781608195237
Published: Bloomsbury USA - April 12th, 2011

In the summer of 1772, seventy-two-year-old Mary Delany saw a petal fall from a geranium and in a flash of inspiration, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut out a replica from paper. In doing so, she invented the art of botanical collage and created art still referred to by botanists. This is a portrait of a marvelously interesting woman and a blueprint for handling flexibility, creativity, and change, especially late in life.

Children and Fire: A Novel Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781451608298
Published: Scribner - May 24th, 2011

Ursula Hegi returns to the fictional setting of Burgdorf, depicted in the international sensation Stones from the River, for her latest novel, which tells the story of a single day that will forever transform the lives of the townspeople. At the core of this remarkable book is the question of how one admirable teacher--gifted and joyful, passionate and inventive--can become seduced by propaganda during the early months of a dictator's regime and encourage her ten-year-old students to join the Hitler Youth.

Scribble, Scribble, Scribble: Writing on Politics, Ice Cream, Churchill, and My Mother Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780062009869
Published: Ecco - April 12th, 2011

Simon Schama, historian and commentator, is one of the most respected figures on the intellectual landscape. This volume offers a lighter, playful Simon Schama on a diverse range of subjects, from food and family to Winston Churchill, from Martin Scorsese and Richard Avedon to Rubens and Rembrandt, from his travels in Brazil and Amsterdam to New Orleans and Katrina. This selection of essays is a treasure trove of surprises that highlight Schama's sense of humor, curiosity, and idiosyncrasies.

Embassytown Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780345524492
Published: Del Rey - May 17th, 2011

It's been truthfully said that China Mieville doesn't follow trends, he sets them. Relentlessly pushing his own boundaries as a writer (and in the process expanding the boundaries of the entire field) he has crafted an extraordinary novel that is not only a moving personal drama but a gripping adventure of alien contact and war. In the far future, humans have colonized a distant planet, home to the enigmatic Ariekei, sentient beings famed for a language unique in the universe, one that only a few altered human ambassadors can speak. One human colonist has returned to Embassytown after years of deep-space adventure. She cannot speak the Ariekei tongue, but she is an indelible part of it, having long ago been made a figure of speech, a living simile in their language. When distant political machinations deliver a new ambassador to Arieka, the fragile equilibrium between humans and aliens is violently upset. Catastrophe looms, and our protagonist is torn between competing loyalties--to a husband she no longer loves and to a system she no longer trusts.