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Stronger Than Ever

Last Friday evening, July 21st, there was an armed robbery at Island Books. First and foremost, we want to reassure you that no one was physically harmed. Our staff is like family to us and we value their safety and well-being over any material things that may have been taken. We’re working with the MIPD and appreciate their responsiveness, and couldn’t be more grateful for all of your messages of concern and support.

Our hope is to let this be what it is: an isolated incident that will only bring our community closer together. Island Books is a gathering place and second home to so many and we will continue to be that place. Our best response to this incident is to keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing for 44 years–serving our community.

Fortunately, this week we have a nice reminder of how Island Books marches on. This is our 500th blog post since our staff started this forum in 2011. Thanks to all the contributors and readers who have continued our ongoing online discussion.

In honor of the milestone, we counted down our 10 most popular posts of all time (measured by page visits). Join us on a walk down memory lane ... continued