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Summer Book Bingo 2024

Even though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind in the Pacific Northwest, we are at the very end of May, tipping into June, and that means that Seattle Arts & Lectures and the Seattle Public Library has put out their Summer Book Bingo cards for this year!

Every summer I grab a Book Bingo and start off with great enthusiasm. I look over the categories and imagine the variety added into my reading life. Doing Book Bingo will push me out of comfort reads or get me to pick up a book from my TBR I keep meaning to start. But to be honest, after about a month I begin to struggle. I have more and more internal resistance to the books I have self-assigned to my summer reading. I can't resist all the new romance or YA or fantasy that catches my eye as I'm shelving. Then my library books are nearly due, and I read those. I'm still reading, I'm just not reading to fill Bingo squares.

I’ll get several rows nearly finished, and somehow that last square is insurmountable (it’s not, it just feels that way). And then I tend to just give up. I decide I have too much on my reading plate. I look away from the empty squares. Those unfinished Book Bingos are folded up and tucked in the back of my book journal, mementos of summers past. But hope springs eternal. Our Book Bingo cards came in the mail this week and there I was, dreaming of a blackout card yet again. Book Bingo for 2024 has many great categories that caught my eye. Cozy, Fantastical, and Borrowed from a Library are all so very manageable for my preferred genre tastes. For Read in the sun, I’d better check the expiration date on my sunscreen before attempting. One big book? It’s only too bad I read House of Flame and Shadow before this got started.

So maybe this will be the summer I’ll break my streak of giving up. Or maybe I’ll get one row finished and even that would be more than I’ve accomplished in the last several years -- something to be celebrated. Whatever happens, I’m still going to try.

Stop by Island Books to pick up your own Book Bingo card! You can also visit Seattle Arts & Lectures or the Seattle Public Library Book Bingo pages to download a copy. If you do come to see us in person, be sure to ask us for a suggestion and get started on the Suggested by an Independent Bookseller square. You can also check out our Staff Recommendations shelves, there’s a variety for every kind of reader!

-- Lori