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Surprising Sequels

People often comment on how lucky those of us who work in bookstores must be, getting to read for our jobs. It’s true, we are lucky. Our shelves are full of books we can’t wait to read, and then can’t wait to talk about to everyone who walks through the Island Books door. But what do you do when you’ve raved about an initial book, of an author, of a series, finally get your hands on the second, and find yourself unable to feel like it lived up to the potential of the first? It’s heartbreaking. And makes you approach sequels with more and more apprehension.

Two sequels to books I’d loved came out this fall, and I was scared to read them. I kept looking at them on my shelf and picking up something else, because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Thankfully my need to find out what happens next eventually won out ... continued