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A Touch of Darkness

The signs of fall are all around. Leaves are swirling, gathering in roads and sidewalks. Darker mornings and evenings. The rain and wind bluster through in violent downpours. Halloween is this weekend, and Island Books has had a spooky reads table set up all month long, as well as a great display back in kids with Halloween reads for all ages. But whenever I’m asked about psychological thrillers or horror recommendations, I don’t have much to offer, big scaredy-cat that I am. 

However, there’s more than one genre that incorporates elements of horror, and I find I’m very comfortable with the dark, spooky, and downright macabre when it comes to fairy tale retellings and fantasy novels. Ghosts, blood, and evil spirits – I don’t bat an eye as long as it’s set in some other place and time, preferably long ago and far away.